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Signs You Have a Wisdom Tooth Infection

A wisdom tooth removal can seem like a nightmare for some people. But the real nightmare is to leave impacted wisdom teeth untreated, which can lead to even more severe issues. Most of the time it's easy to tell if you need to have your wisdom teeth removed. That's because one of the most common symptoms is pain. On occasion, the pain can be so severe that people can't eat.

First Signs of Wisdom Tooth Infection Symptoms When wisdom teeth get infected, patients usually experience a lot of pain in the back of their mouths, impacting their daily lives. It can cause difficulty eating, and the pain may linger throughout the day and into the night. The cause is usually an untreated issue when a patient's wisdom teeth first came in. They may not have come in straight, or they may have caused a hole in the gums where bacteria could accumulate. Even if you brush regularly, it can be hard to keep bacteria from growing back there, especially if it’s a hard-to-reach area. Over time, infections can spread from the gums to the teeth themselves. An infection can grow inside the bone, constantly sending pain signals through the tooth's nerve endings. If an infection reaches that point, your wisdom teeth will need to be removed. Wisdom Teeth Grow Later in a Person's Life Most of the time, wisdom teeth start growing during a person's teen years, or even during their early-20s. The age when they come in led to their name — wisdom teeth. Traditionally, people have gained a certain level of wisdom and knowledge in their lives by the time they come in. People's mouths are usually sore as wisdom teeth arrive. They literally need to part the gums, tearing through some of the flesh. If you think your wisdom teeth are starting to come in, you should visit a dentist ASAP. They can help them grow healthily and tell immediately if there is something patients should be concerned about. Around 10 million wisdom teeth are removed every year due to issues with them growing in. Impacted Wisdom Teeth Should Be Treated ASAP Most of the time, wisdom teeth grow in perfectly fine and healthy. But there are times when it grows in at an angle, rubbing up against other teeth and irritating gums. This is called an impacted wisdom tooth, and it should be treated immediately. It can be incredibly painful and leaving it untreated can cause infections. Those infections can then spread and develop into serious illnesses. The best way to fix an impacted wisdom tooth is to remove them and prevent the infection from growing. Wisdom Teeth Removal in Guelph Westwood and Starwood Dental group offer wisdom teeth removal and many other services to help make sure your dental hygiene is up to par. If you’re concerned about your wisdom teeth growing in or are suddenly dealing with pain, please don’t hesitate to reach out to schedule an appointment ASAP!



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