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Westwood and Starwood Dental: Making Guelph Smile since 1977

Are you happy with your smile? At Westwood and Starwood Dental, we can help you smile without any inhibitions. If you are interviewing for a job or meeting your friends, a healthy smile boosts your confidence and enables you to make a good impression.


Westwood and Starwood Dental offers a comprehensive range of dental services to help you maintain your oral health. If you are looking for family dentists in Guelph, get in touch with us.

Services We Offer

Whether you need general dentistry or are interested in cosmetic change, our team of dentists performs every procedure with skill and experience. Some of the services we offer include: 

Mother, father and daughter brushing teeth in bathroom

Hygiene Services

Maintaining dental hygiene refers to the practice of keeping your mouth, teeth, and gums clean to prevent disease, decay, and infections. Oral hygiene and dental care are often taken for granted when you are young but are essential at all ages.

Woman wearing clear aligner in dental clinic
Invisalign® logo

If you’ve suffered from crooked teeth for long enough, we have invisible braces that might just work for you. Invisalign® is a breakthrough shaping and re-aligning technology that uses removable, custom-made aligners.

Dentist working in dental clinic with patient in the chair

Full Mouth Restoration

Westwood and Starwood Dental offers full mouth restoration. You may require several dental procedures to achieve the perfect smile or optimal oral health; we can ensure that all corrective and cosmetic treatments are performed with the highest degree of precision and accuracy.

3D illustration of teeth implant


Implant restoration is a way to restore the missing tooth crown. Losing a tooth can cause a lot of discomfort and inconvenience. After the loss of a tooth, an implant may be the best option.

Young woman visiting doctor for porcelain veneers

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers improve the look of your teeth. They are thin shells of tooth-coloured material attached to the front part of your teeth.

Why Choose Us as Your Family Dentist

Westwood and Starwood Dental is dedicated to making a difference in their patients’ lives by providing exemplary dental care. They know that it takes more than just good technique to be a great dentist; it takes commitment, understanding, and most importantly, a genuine interest in patient health and safety.

"At Westwood and Starwood Dental, we are committed to enhancing the lives of our patients, team, and community through service based on a foundation of compassion, excellence, and respect."

Our office offers a full range of dental care, including Surgery, Implants, Invisalign®, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Endodontics, Restorative, Prosthodontics, Cosmetics, Laser Therapy, Tooth Whitening and Preventative Care for all members of your family.

Our facility offers wheelchair accessibility and free parking. We accept VISA, Master Card, Debit & Cash and handle all types of Insurance. Financial arrangements are also available upon request. Upon initial consultation, we provide our patients with complimentary Insurance breakdowns to support you as best as possible.

View of Westwood Dental clinic reception with three black bags on the counter

Book an Appointment Today

Finding the right dentist in Guelph for your family doesn't have to be complicated. Whether you look for convenient hours or comprehensive services, we offer it all. For more details, give us a call today.

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