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How to properly maintain your Dental Implants

5 Benefits of Dental Implants


Missing teeth can be as much of an embarrassment as they are an inconvenience. But your family dentist in Guelph can help. The dental practitioners at Westwood Dental Group have the training needed to revitalize your smile. While bridges and partial dentures can provide effective solutions, dental implants have a number of advantages over other corrective devices. Here are five key benefits of dental implants.

More chewing force

Unlike dentures, dental implants allow you to eat virtually anything. You can bite into a crisp apple or a handful of mixed nuts without hesitation. Dental implants are anchored into your jaw so you have 70% more power behind each bite. They don’t move around and they’re virtually impossible to crack or damage.

Maintain jaw structure

When you lose your teeth, the bone structure that held them in place begins to resorb into your body. This means that your jaw will slacken after awhile and that your facial appearance can change quite a bit as time marches on. This can be avoided when you have dental implants. Because these dental devices are attached to the jaw, the bone within continues to be activated and remains strong and healthy. The integrity of your smile and mouth shape will therefore remain beautifully intact.    

Improved speech and pronunciation

Missing teeth can have a negative impact on the way you talk. Words that once easily rolled off your tongue begin to hiss and slur through the gaps in your mouth. Even dentures can make forming every day speech sounds difficult. Dental implants circumnavigate all these issues and restore your capacity to enunciate clearly.   

Enhanced self-esteem

Having missing teeth can shake your self-confidence, and a denture can make you feel equally shy. You may stifle your laughter and even avoid dinners out with friends. Dental implants look entirely natural, making your smile as radiant and beautiful as it was before. And no one but you will even know you have them, no matter how close they get to you.

Long lasting

When properly cared for, dental implants can last a lifetime. Just like your natural teeth, all they require is daily brushing and flossing to keep them shining. They’re impervious to cavities, strong and very durable. For these reasons, though you may pay more outright, over the long term you may in fact save money by opting for dental implants.

Cone Beam

3D Imaging is a necessary tool in determining bone level as well as the size and placement of the dental implant. Westwood Dental offer's this technology right in their office, which eliminates the need to be referred to another office for this scan.


Wondering if dental implants are right for you? If you’re oral health is in good standing, chances are you’re a good candidate. Westwood Dental Group offers general and family dentistry services to Guelph residents, including dental implants. The beautiful smile you deserve is a mere phone call away. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.  


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