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Quality Dental Crowns in Guelph

Dental crowns are often referred to as "dental caps" and are used for both cosmetic and restorative dentistry. A crown will restore damaged teeth and significantly improve the strength, longevity, and appearance. They are custom fit and manufactured at a lab to look like your natural tooth. A crown will completely cover the natural tooth, effectively acting as your new tooth.

Crowns can be made out of various materials, including porcelain/ceramic, gold alloy, or a combination of both. At Westwood and Starwood Dental, our team of dentists will consult with you to determine which material option is the best course of treatment for your crown and your smile. Through our experience, we can also guide you, clarify all your doubts and help you make an informed decision regarding getting dental crowns.

Purpose of a Dental Crown

A dental crown, also known as a cap, is extremely useful as it makes you and your smile look better and helps get your teeth back to their former glory.

Dental crowns do this by:

  • Acting as an anchor for the bridgework

  • Covering up abnormalities such as missing, broken or chipped teeth

  • Covering dental implants

  • Restoring and rebuilding your tooth or teeth after a root canal

  • Create a healthy bite that offers functionality

The Procedure for Getting a Crown

At Westwood and Starwood Dental, we have put in a lot of effort to simplify the process of getting a dental crown. Thus, the procedure that our patients follow is effortless and straightforward. Typically, the entire procedure for fitting a dental crown can be completed in two sittings.

  1. Through this process, our dentists will remove excess teeth enamel to create a good base for placing the dental crown securely.
  2. The next step is the preparation of the tooth, the patient leaves with a temporary crown in place.
  3. The second appointment is the final insertion of the final crown or cap.

Why Choose Us?

The entire team working with Westwood and Starwood Dental is passionate and highly qualified. Moreover, we stay updated with the latest developments in the field- both in terms of scientific advancements and best practices. So, when you come to us for a dental crown in Guelph, you will get the best possible treatment. Our team strongly believes in helping you to the best of our abilities; you are not just a number to us; we consider all of our patients as if we are treating family members.

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Bring Back Your Dazzling Smile

Dental crowns can hide tooth abnormalities and bring your smile back to its former glory.

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